7 Important factor you should consider when buying accounting software

7 Factors to Consider When Buying an Accounting Software

  1. Why Local?

The convenience of using a local accounting software takes away alot of the stress and anxiety in managing your accounts. Choose a local software that is compliant to local tax, regulations and accounting laws of the country. For example, unlike other countries , Service Tax (SST) in Malaysia is calculated based on payment received basis (instead of billing). Then, you do not have to worry about breaching any rules or requirements. When you choose a local accounting software, you increase the probability of your needs being met. Customizations can be done and you can even request for an onsite demonstration so that you can be sure that you are making the right choice.

  1. Is The Accounting Software Worth It? Get free onsite consultation and requirement study.

A smart consumer should always make sure that they are getting their money’s worth. SQL Account comes with an affordable price and is packed with amazing features. From invoicing, bank recon, expenses up to GL financial report, and many more features. Always arrange an appointment for onsite product explanation and requirement study for your business before deciding an accounting software.

  1. Is it User Friendly?

How convenient and effective is the accounting software? SQL Account comes with automated double entry and comprehensive reporting. Each report comes with a detailed drill down view. Comprehensive results can be driven down into multiple levels and even until the source entry. Users can also define their own data entry fields with SQL Account.

  1. Is the System Customizable Enough?

Does your business require any specific customization to cater for your industry? Regardless if it is a commission calculation, report customization, or creating a calculation formula that is necessary for your company, It is important that you choose an accounting software that is able to be customized to suit your needs. Industries like shipping, freight, and forwarding, distributing and wholesaling, and motor vehicle system, require custom modules in their accounting software. These industries are a few examples of niche industries that SQL Account supports.

  1. How Good is the Technical Support?

It is crucial that the support staff are experienced and knowledgeable. Prompt and effective support service is just as important as the software’s features when it comes to creating a good user experience, The after-sales support for SQL Accounting software is efficient and effective. With just one call, you can get customer support without having to wait hours.

  1. How Reliable is the Software?

The number of users of a software can prove the stability and reliability of a software. Search for existing user reviews and experience of the software.

  1. Can the Software be Integrated?

If your company is using other business softwares, you will have to check if the accounting software that you want to use can be integrated with your existing business software. SQL Account’s Open API allows any software to be linked with it. seamlessly integrate with any third party applications.

SQL Account

SQL Account is the No.1 accounting software. SQL Account is the largest SME accounting software in Malaysia. It is trusted by more than 270,000 companies. Enhance workplace performance, reduce human error and maximise profits with our affordable and developed software.
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SQL Account Features

General Ledger

It’s easy to manage and track your company’s accounting records


Keep your customers in touch


Manage and keep your supply chain in check


More time. For Sales.


Be cost effective.


Helps take control of your inventory effortlessly

When you choose SQL Accounting software, you will also receive an abundance of online resources to support your journey in using this system. if it’s an on-premise or cloud accounting software, SQL Account is the best. If that’s not enough, we conduct unlimited hands-on free accounting software training in our HQ.
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