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Multiple Payment Method in Cash Sales * NEW


User allow to received multiple payments in Cash Sales.
  • Max 3 Payment Methods, additional payment method are allow to add.
  • OR Document Number will be same as Cash Sales Number, added -1 if have more than 1. Example : CS-00013, 1st OR Docno = CS-00013, 2nd OR Docno = CS-00013-1, 3rd OR Doc No = CS-00013-2.
  • Allow to calculate balance change when balance does not more than Cash Received.
  • Allow to edit Cash Sales and repost NEW OR.
  • DIY Field & DIY Script Module are required
Project Information

Posted by: yee

Created: March 13, 2020 - 7:22 pm

Category: DIY Customization

Module: Sales, Purchase, Stock

Price: RM 500.00

NOTE: Price range are subject to change depending on cost and complexity of customization

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