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Which Payroll Software Is The Best In Malaysia?

In Malaysia, employers and employees are required to make contributions to 5 statutory organisations: SOCSO, KWSP, EIS, PCB, and HRDF. It can be difficult to keep track of each of these contributions. Sever penalties will be imposed upon employers who fail to comply with these contribution rates.

SQL Payroll is a the most popular Malaysia Payroll software that removes the complexities in Human Resources Management, fast, easy, and accurate. SQL Payroll automatically calculates ALL statutory contributions, by few simple click you can submit online to KWSP, PERKESO, LDHN portal.

What is the essential feature of payroll software in Malaysia? Here are 10 Payroll software features that everyone needs to look out for.

One-stop solution for contribution calculation and payment

SQL Payroll assigns and calculates the exact contribution amount for KWSP, SOCSO, LHDN, HRDF, EIS, and Zakat. All you have to do is submit the payment file into your online banking platform or to the respective statutory body’s payment portal. This popular payroll software feature is highly sought after by many companies.

Payroll Software Malaysia - Dashboard
Payroll Software Malaysia - Allowance

Easy payroll process, complete monthly payroll in just 10 minutes

Process your month end payroll in less than 10 minutes. SQL Payroll is the best payroll software that finalizes monthly overtime, allowances, wages, unpaid leaves, and commission earnings in just one click!

Calculate adhoc bonus, advance paid, director fee, loan

Process additional earnings and deductions separately with adHoc payroll processes. AdHoc process lets you key in bonuses, advance payments, loans, and director fees in a different payroll process from your month-end payroll.

Support all Malaysian bank Giro

SQL Payroll payment files are supported by more than 25 banks in Malaysia. This is one of the best features to speed up your payroll processing by automating these payment processes to improve your productivity. With such an extensive range of compatible banks, it is not surprise that SQL Payroll is the popular payroll software choice.

hsbc bank
Payroll Software Malaysia - EA Form

Support hourly daily, weekly, bi-monthly, monthly pay

SQL Payroll is not only limited to processing monthly payroll. Record hourly, daily, and monthly wages in this system with accurate contribution calculations with this software. This is why SQL Software is the top payroll software in the market.

Generate employees EA form & company borang E in few simple clicks

SQL Payroll has built in EA forms that can automatically generate EA forms for all employees, Print EA form in just 2 clicks, SQL Payroll also store unlimited year of records for EA form & employer borang E.

Paperless leave application, claim submission, and payslip

Make leave applications and approvals faster and paperless. Along with the best SQL Payroll software, you can get the SQL eLeave app and let your staff apply for leaves, submit OT, and claim request. Authorized managers will be able to approve or reject the applied leave in the same application.

Users of the eLeave app will also get to see their past EA forms and monthly payslips. Move over to a paperless payroll process with SQL eLeave. Save time, money and effort with the best leave application app.

Payroll Software Malaysia - E Leave
Payroll Software Malaysia - PTPTN

Support Zakat deduction, Tabung Haji, PTPTN

Key in religious contributions like Zakat (zakat harta & zakat pendapatan) and Tabung Haji in SQL Payroll for Muslim employees. SQL Payroll also lets you key in PTPTN deductions for your staff. These deductions are exempted from all contribution calculation. One of the reasons why SQL Payroll is the best software is due to their ability to meet the specific Malaysia payroll requirements.

All-inclusive reporting

SQL Payroll is one of the top payroll software equipped with all Malaysia government reports. Get access to EPF Borang A, SOCSO Borang 2, SOCSO Borang 3, SOCSO Borang 8A, EIS Borang 1, EIS Borang 1A, EIS Borang 2, EIS Borang 2A, EIS Lampiran 1, Income Tax CP39, CP39A, Income Tax CP 39A, Income Tax CP 22, Income Tax EA Form, Income Tax EC Form, Income Tax CP 8, CP 159, Income Tax e Data Praisi, Income Tax CP 8D Borang E, Income Tax Lampiran B (PCB Audit) Income Tax Lampiran 2 (PCB Audit), Income Tax PCB 2(II), Zakat Borang Skim Berkat, HRDF Report.

Payroll Software Malaysia - Reports
Payroll SOftware Malaysia - Attendance

Sync with any time attendance software

Post attendance information from your attendance system into SQL Payroll to calculate overtime and unpaid leave amount.

In addition to that, SQL Payroll comes with a collection of HR letters like increment letter, confirmation letter, and termination letter. These prepared letter formats will reduce the time that you would need to draft these letters when needed. 

With this wide variety of reports, there is no reason for you to be late on your payroll. Ensure reliability and punctuality with SQL Payroll, the best payroll system.

Contact us to find out more! Our technical support team is one of the best. E Stream MSC – SQL Payroll & SQL Account was award the Best Customer service Award in The Star Business Awards 2022. SQL’s team is fully trained and equipped to assist you.

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SQL Payroll
SQL Payroll
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Certified by Statutory bodies & 100% accurate

Compliant with employment requirements in Malaysia. Inclusive of KWSP, SOCSO, LHDN, EIS, HRDF, EPF Borang A, SOCSO Borang 8A, Income Tax CP39, and Borang E ready. SQL Payroll software is ready to use with minimal setup for all companies.

electronic submission & e-Payment ready

SQL Payroll Software E-submission format are prepared for all banks in Malaysia. Maybank, CIMB, HLBB, Public Bank & many more

Batch email payslip

Securely send payslips to employees using batch email with password encryption

Comprehensive management reports

Print payroll summary, yearly payroll individual report, contribution info report & many more.

Unlimited year records

Records salary info for unlimited amount of years & print EA forms for any year

E Leave mobile app

Apply for leave anytime anywhere with speedy approval from management. Get managerial view of individual leave reports and EA forms

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