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Business Infrastructure Platform (BIP)

BIP is an online learning platform that combines all the important guides & skills that you need to master for every professions in the company. Master the arts of management, leadership, proper accounting and tax practices all in one platform! Improve yourself with the necessary knowledge that you need to be the best version of your self for your business.

What is Business Infrastructure Platform (BIP)?

Everyone can benefit from BIP. Not just managers and business owners! BIP can be used as a training tool to train and educate employees. Improve your employees’ skills and understanding of work with BIP.


Overview of Taxation & Incorporation in Malaysia

Popular topics
Personal Tax
Sole Proprietor & Partnership
Private Limited Company (PLC) & Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)
Real Property Gain Tax (RPGT)
Sales & Service Tax

Overview of employment Obligation

Payroll Popular Topics

Companies and business that have dedicated employee training and development programmes have higher profit rates and higher level of staff retention. So what are you waiting for? Check out BIP and upgrade yourself!

Introduction to BIP

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